valorant team

Just in time to pop heads, the STORM VALORANT roster has been finalized and is here to get those ninja defuses.

The team is currently grinding and practicing to achieve Immortal status.


Captain / Support

Zach has been an esports industry professional for several years. He has professional experience shoutcasting, producing, TO-ing, and has managed a LAN center. Zach has followed many games over the years as a player, organizer and fan, starting at a very young age as a competitive chess player, and more recently with games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Starcraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and of course Valorant. Zach’s ultimate passion for his career is to bring esports to more people. When he isn’t video-gaming, Zach enjoys board games and anime (with Twilight Imperium and Gurren Lagann cited as favorites).



Thomas has been passionate about all things video games since a child grinding COD 3, where he left his first mark ranking on the NA leaderboard in the scout class. After the death of COD 3 he spent a lot of time jumping around different games and genres. MW, gears, halo to name a few. The jump to PC gaming was expedited with the release of overwatch, the first game he was passionate enough about to take seriously and scrim, but eventually lost interest. He found his greatest success with the release of smash ultimate. where coming from zero experience with fighting games he was able to reach a top 20 ranking in his state.



Benjamin first started playing Valorant in the open beta, and immediately, his competitive side started to take over, and he started working hard to improve his skills and his ability to work with his team. Benjamin’s competitive spirit and love for video games and sports comes from his older brother. When not playing with the team, Benjamin enjoys spending time with his friends from college and working as an actor, which is what he is pursuing his degree in. Since joining the STORM Valorant team, Benjamin has been dedicated to practicing and improving to be the best player and best teammate he can be.



After stepping down from the STORM CS:GO team, Jacob transitioned to the VALORANT team in early 2021 as the IGL. His love for video games started at the early age of 4 with the original PlayStation. Computer configurations have always inspired Jacob’s mind, he loves the nuts and bolts of a computer and trying to figure out technical issues. He spends endless hours practicing and getting ready for tournaments and keeps close contact with his team members to make sure they’re ready.



Randy has been competing in various video game titles since the age of 14. He started with the Gears of War franchise then Call of Duty and now settling into Valorant. Randy’s competitive spirit drives him to grind Valorant as well as enjoy board games, poker and anything where he can test his skills against others. Randy loves off-meta strategies and has fit into the STORM roster as a solid flex player ready to pick up any weapon, role or agent to secure the win.