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We’re proud to work alongside the talented members of our stream team. As involved members of the community, they each bring forth their individual personalities paired with unique game styles. This talent showcases aspects from various genres: a casual night of gaming, weekend tournaments, charity streams, in-house games with the community, and competitive FPS matchmaking.


Variety Streamer

Andrew joined the gaming community at the young age of 10 after receiving his first personal computer for Christmas. Little did his parent’s know that this would result in endless hours of grinding RuneScape. A couple years later he had gotten the Xbox 360 to play Halo with his friends and has never looked back.

Growing up in Chicago, it was really easy for him to become attached to the Optic Gaming franchise. He always looked up to a lot of the Optic players and H3CZ and what he did with his opportunity within the platform.

Andrew is relatively new to the streaming world. He enjoys playing a lot of first person shooters such as Call of Duty, Valorant and Apex. He also enjoys playing NBA 2K and FIFA.


FPS Streamer

Zane has enjoyed gaming since his first console, the Nintendo 64, at the age of 5. Gaming has been a passion and hobby for all his life; spanning many different titles, namely the Call of Duty franchise, Counter-Strike, and World of Warcraft.

As a streamer, building a community is a number one priority to include everyone involved, and to have interactive and memorable streams. FPS games are Zane’s main focus, but he is willing to try out other games if the viewers are interested!

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