stream team

We’re proud to work alongside the talented members of our stream team. As involved members of the community, they each bring forth their individual personalities paired with unique game styles. This talent showcases aspects from various genres: a casual night of gaming, weekend tournaments, charity streams, in-house games with the community, and competitive FPS matchmaking.

TheUnnerve (Stone)

WoW Streamer

TheUnnerve AKA Stone, is a happy husband, father of 2 and enjoys to game when not on dad duty. Come hang out sometime! You’ll find him playing World of Warcraft with friends and the STORM Guild <BE CONTINUED>, pushing Mythic+ keys, Mythic raid progression, and just enjoying community events.

Regarding game variety and stream content, he is fond of open world Survival genre games: anything from Minecraft to Subnautica. Have a good game for him to check out? Hop in the Twitch chat and share your recommendation!

KettelChips (Mike)

Variety Streamer

KettelChips began streaming in August of 2016, but taking about a year off in 2018. Kettel is happy to be back streaming a variety of games! Originally starting as a puzzle game streamer, Kettel found success and good times in games like Portal and Portal 2, but later moved to RPG’s such as The Witcher 3, and World of Warcraft.

Since coming back to a more consistent stream schedule, Kettel has been an active streamer of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, where he has held tournaments with $100+ Prize pools, and back to World of Warcraft. Kettel finds most enjoyment out of streaming under Music and Performing Arts, performing on the drums. In his time not streaming, he is a High School Music Teacher, an avid bowler, and a die hard Soccer and Hockey fan. If you are looking for a quirky streamer with a multitude of games and interaction, KettelChips’ stream is the one for you!

ToooKwik (Andrew)

Variety Streamer

ToooKwik joined the gaming community at the young age of 10 after receiving his first personal computer for Christmas. Little did his parent’s know that this would result in endless hours of grinding Runescape. A couple years later he had gotten the Xbox 360 to play Halo with his friends and has never looked back.

Growing up in Chicago, it was really easy for him to become attached to the Optic Gaming franchise. He always looked up to a lot of the Optic players and H3CZ and what he did with his opportunity within the platform.

ToooKwik is relatively new to the streaming world. He enjoys playing a lot of first person shooters such as Call of Duty, Valorant and APEX. He also enjoys playing NBA 2K and FIFA.

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