stream team

We’re proud to work alongside the talented members of our stream team. As involved members of the community, they each bring forth their individual personalities paired with unique game styles. This talent showcases aspects from each end of the spectrum, from a casual night of gaming to a competitive shooter mindset.

If you are interested joining the stream team, go check out this form to see if you meet the requirements.


Angie started gaming at a young age because of her sisters. She would always be watching them play Mario Party or Soulcaliber and it intrigued her enough to get a gaming PC to join in on the fun! Gaming with her sisters every day is something that keeps her going.

Favorite games on Angie’s list for 2020 are Fortnite, Call of Duty, Destiny, Rainbow 6, and slowly getting into League of Legends.

Watching all of CourageJD’s videos and streams got Angie inspired to start streaming on Twitch – she really looks up to him! Entertaining the viewers, having fun, and making others feel good about themselves are key elements to her streams. Mainly a weekend streamer but occasionally on the weekdays if work isn’t on the agenda!


Zane has enjoyed gaming since his first console, the Nintendo 64, at the age of 5. Gaming has been a passion and hobby for all his life; spanning many different titles, namely the Call of Duty franchise, Counter-Strike, and World of Warcraft.

As a streamer, building a community is a number one priority to include everyone involved, and to have interactive and memorable streams. FPS games are Zane’s main focus, but he is willing to try out other games if the viewers are interested!

Zane is currently not streaming for the rest of the year due to his active duty status in the Military, serving in the Marine Corps. Hopefully he returns sooner than expected to continue with his passion for games!