rocket league team

STORM is excited to announce our dive into Rocket League! This completely strategic roster of players is ready to take on the competition in the Indy Gaming League Summer 2020 Circuit (3v3). Check out the team bio’s and socials below!



Holy first began playing Rocket league during its intial free relases on PS Plus and has been evolving his playstyle just as much as the game has changed over the past few years. He’s always been a competive gamer starting with 3 years of competitve MLG call of Duty to grinding the leaderboards in the new diablo seasons. Holy wishes to improve his current rocket league skills and work together with like minded individuals all working towards the same goal. During his free time Holy enjoys progamming games, playing disc golf, and more rocket league.



Gent, gamer extraordinaire, picked up rocket league during the close of season 1, and immediately found joy in the game. He didn’t become extremely competitive until around the spring of 2019, where the addictive mechanics and pushing gameplay limits got the best of him. Currently in Champ 2 and rising, Gent plans on moving onward and upward through the competition.



With a never ending love for video games Sparky found rocket league in 2015 and it quickly became a favorite and as of 2017 after trying several different competitive teams and playing on and off it became more of a passion after finding his place in the game. As of now Sparky is a high school student hoping to pursue a dream of coding and graphic design to one day make games himself.



Deluted has been an avid gamer for years. He mainly played FPS like call of duty, but fell in love with rocket league. He began playing rocket league during its second season. He like many others played the game casually with a few friends. It was around platinum rank he discovered a love for the rank and pushing his mechanics and game sense. In season 14 he reached his ultimate goal of hitting GC. He is still working on perfecting his game and pushing daily to be better. During his free time he enjoys streaming on twitch,PC building, and spending time with his wife and kids.