rocket league team

After a short break, STORM is back at it again with a fresh new Rocket League roster. Practice and scrim schedule is locked in to prepare for the next IGL circuit which starts in April of 2021.

2021 IGL Spring Circuit 3v3 (US EAST) – STORM Esports



Kilowatt started playing Rocket League in 2019 on console and moved to PC gaming in late 2020 to compete at a more serious level. He is a well respected captain and friend for the STORM roster and his passion for the game is unmatched. Outside of RL, he enjoys FPS gaming like CS:GO and Valorant. With the goal of going pro in the future, he spends many sleepless nights practicing and scrimmaging with his teammates under the STORM name.



Aiden started playing Rocket League in late 2018 when he got an Xbox for Christmas. Learning how to freestyle from YouTube tutorials was a massive advantage to his competitive play style – it’s clear that the hours have paid off. With the help of the STORM roster, Aiden’s dream of making RLCS is closer than he imagined. Excited to compete in the next IGL season and other tournaments, he has been grinding everyday while pushing himself to compete at a higher level.



Siraj started playing Rocket League in 2016 after enjoying more casual experiences like CoD, Borderlands, and 2K. Once realizing RL was where he needed to spend his time, he pumped ~2,000 hours in on Xbox before deciding to build a PC and upgrade his game. Siraj was able to pull off Grand Champion in Season 14 with matches in 1’s and 2’s and while peaking ~1,650 MMR in 3’s. His main goal is to play at the top tier of competition in 3’s with the STORM roster.



Andrew has been playing Rocket League since early 2016 and started taking it seriously late 2019. Since then, he’s ranked up from Champ 1 to Grand Champ 2 and peaked ~1720 MMR. Andrew is very active in 6mans and also competes in multiple leagues: United Rogue, MLE, Odin, RLPC, SPIN, UCL, and PlayVS. For STORM, he works with the roster to provide a new point of view and help them achieve new heights. Other passions include working on cars, attending car meets, building computers, and playing soccer. Andrew also enjoys FPS gaming such as Valorant, Call of Duty, and CS:GO.

First installment of the STORM Esports Rocket League roster competed in the Summer 2020 3v3 Circuit.