cs:go team

The STORM CS:GO team was officially started in June of 2021. The roster is actively competing in Season 37 of ESEA Main League.



Captain & IGL

Sky first began watching competitive CS:GO in early 2017. After graduating high school, he picked up CS:GO in 2018 and joined an ESEA team in Season 31. Qualifying for IM on this roster gave Sky the confidence to kickstart a new team with his collegiate buddies which is now competing in the Main division. He has an unmatched love for the game and is always doing anything to learn more and give his team the edge. Sky has spent the last 6 seasons as a rifler and the IGL and looks forward to new challenges on the server.



Michael started playing CS:GO in early 2014. Since then, he has been interested in esports and has been following that passion ever since. In 2019, Michael took on the role as team captain of the Illinois State University CS:GO team. Two years later and he is very excited to represent STORM Esports in Main for Season 37.



Adam has been on the competitive CS:GO grind since 2015. Investing countless hours in the server and competing in the past 5 seasons of ESEA, he gets to compete in ESEA Main. Additionally, Adam has been a core member of the Illinois State University collegiate lineup for the past 2 years. With a positive attitude, he looks to utilize his experience to both further his game under STORM as well as provide leadership to his less-seasoned teammates



Nate’s CS:GO career started in 2014 when he was just 12 years old! Since then, he has put in hard work to develop into a well rounded player and thoughtful teammate. In 2019, Nate joined Recon 5 Prodigy in order to help craft his game so that he could become one of North America’s best awpers. With a heart ablaze, he is determined to show he is more than able to live up to those goals in Main Season 37 playing for STORM.





Mark has been playing CS:GO since late 2015, but never in a team setting until 2021. After standing in for the Illinois State University Academy Team for the ISU Invitational, he’s hungry for more and looking to scratch that competitive itch. Surrounded by experienced players that have a history of playing together, Mark is excited to learn as much as he can from them and do his part to help the team win games.



Shilen started playing CS:GO in 2015. He has always been a competitive person starting early with school sports. After he started to take the game seriously and more competitively, the analytics of the game caught his attention.

In the summer/fall of 2019, Shilen played in NACCS with his collegiate team as an IGL and AWP role. He continues to play for his collegiate team at Penn State as a rifler. Shilen has also played on the STORM team in seasons 34, 35, and 36 as an IGL and Captain. He is very excited for the opportunity to manage the STORM rosters and is hopeful for achievements throughout this season and onwards.