cs:go team

The STORM CS:GO team is currently prepping for ESEA Season 36. See ya in playoffs!

Mirij (Cole)


Cole has been playing CS:GO since 2014. While playing competitively has been a more “on again and off again” relationship, there has never been a period of time that he hasn’t been playing whether its pugs or subbing. Cole has a competitive spirit that started through playing lacrosse in high school, and competing in Magic: The Gathering tournaments since he was 11. He is very excited to be joining the team this season and has high hopes for both the team and himself.

Pana (Daniel)


In 2016, pana discovered the world of esports and gained massive interest and passion for CS:GO. This discovery is what drove him to start playing competitively. Pana is always pursuing new ways in which he can grow rapidly and climb the steps closer to the professional CS:GO scene. Daniel (pana) is a Canadian weeb, loves to game, has a huge passion for photography, and watching anime. He is happy to be apart of STORM to take CS:GO to the next level.

KingS (Shilen)

Captain & IGL

Shilen started playing CS:GO in 2015. He has always been a competitive person starting early with school sports. After he started to take the game seriously and more competitively, the analytics of the game caught his attention. In the summer/fall of 2019 Shilen played in NACCS with my collegiate team as an Awper and IGL. He is very excited for the opportunity to play on the Storm Esports roster as the IGL and is very hopeful for achievements throughout this season and onwards.

Jelbert (Michael)


Jelbert had barely touched computer games until August of 2018 when his GodFather gifted him his first PC. Counter Strike was one of the first games he enjoyed, and soon his competitive spirit drove him to play the game as often as he could to best his friends. After a brief break from playing he discovered ESEA and began to grind with friends to get better. Dedication to be the best he can be pushes him every day to improve and win with his teammates on the STORM CSGO Team.

AntiAce (Chris)


AntiAce first started playing Counter-Strike after watching his older brother play Counter-Strike: Source back in 2011. Shortly after, he developed an interest in the competitive scene and aspires to play at as high a level as possible. Storm Esports is his first competitive team, and he looks forward to the challenges and learning opportunities. When he isn’t playing Counter-Strike, he also enjoys chess, puzzles, and creating videos and art.

Fl1p (Mo)


Fl1p decided to transition from building forts to play a real game in late 2019. After realizing how fun CS:GO was, he decided to grind nonstop to get to where he is now. His biggest passions aside from CS are streaming on twitch, building computers, electrical engineering, and having a massive ego. A natural competitor and teacher, he teaches and guides the CS:GO team to greater heights with each and every practice. STORM is happy to have him on board for the season as our first proper coach.

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