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Details about the next #storm_sundays event (this weekend) can be found below. Make sure to signup ASAP. Reach out to Zahti#1337 (on Discord) if you have any questions.

STORM Sundays








Event Details

STORM Sundays :: May 24, 2020
Game :: CS:GO
Format :: 2v2 Wingman, 128 tick, BO1, Double Elimination
Grand Finals :: BO1, losers bracket team must win twice
Who can play? :: Available to STORM members, guests, and friends. All ranks/skill groups.
Time :: 6-10pm CST
Entry Fee :: Free $0
Prizes :: $10 Digital Steam Gift Card for each player on winning team!

Event Links and Resources

Event Bracket:

Map Ban Site:

Wingman Map Pool (9 maps)
de_train, de_shortdust, de_lake, gd_rialto, de_cbble, de_inferno, de_shortnuke, de_overpass, de_vertigo