STORM is happy to announce that we are officially participating in Season 2 of HeroesCCL!

Is it weird to mention that we are nervously excited? Hah!

We would like to thank Jules, the league commissioner for the time spent during the interview process and also the opportunity to join HeroesCCL. This will be an absolute whirlwind of an experience since we are completely new to HotS.

However, with the help of the community and our dedication that we’ve shown with our CS:GO, VALORANT, and Rocket League teams, we know we will be a force to be reckoned with. With big shoes to fill, we’re looking forward to engaging with the players, orgs, and broadcast talent.

For those that have zero clue about Heroes of the Storm, we just want to provide a bit of insight into what CCL is and why it exists. Late 2018, when Blizzard stopped investing in HotS and cancelled Heroes Global Championship (HGC), members of the community and ex-pro players came together and created their own league and thus, HeroesCCL was born!

The league provides is valuable opportunity for only 8 orgs to showcase their talent by recruiting a team of up to 6 free agents. Orgs that competed in Season 1 are allowed to protect up to 4 roster members (out of 6) if they would like to.

Teams will compete on a weekly basis throughout the season with a large focus put on top-tier broadcast quality and content generation. The prize pool for the league is crowdsourced and funded by community members – donations throughout the season. Any bits donated to the twitch channel are directly added to the lump sum prize pool.

STORM is lucky enough to secure an org slot that will allow us to draft 6 free agents from the list. There is a lot of preparation that must take place over the next month and you will likely catch us playing HotS. Make sure to grab that discord role so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Peep the interview between Bahamut and Alcove to learn a bit more about STORM joining CCL:

So, what’s next? Well, if you’re a player/manager/coach/caster that is interested in being a part of STORM HotS, fill out the form here. If you’re a STORM fan or friend, stay tuned to because on April 17th you will see us draft our first team for CCL!

We are super excited for the ability and opportunity to be involved in this league. This is another big step forward for STORM as we continue to grow and expand into other games.



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