STORM Esports is proud to welcome our newest Rocket League talent! Filling up the stadium with Kilowatt as team captain, Magazine as our freestyle expert, and Blitz as our veteran player. Coaching these hooligans is an experienced player that goes by the tag of Alphamento.

Check out the fire edit to witness some insane clips and goals from the first few weeks of scrims and matches under the STORM name.

The video is embedded below which was masterfully recorded, edited, and crafted for your viewing experience by Alcove. This is by far the best edit that STORM has ever produced and is setting the standard going forward for our team announcements and regular cadenced edits.

Wow! Is all I have to say.

Well, actually not, there’s a lot of thoughts and words that I can use to describe the gameplay of these new team members on our Rocket League roster. But since I will likely embarrass myself due to lack of RL knowledge, I’ll just leave it with a few generalized thoughts.

Kilowatt, Magazine, and Blitz are exceeding the expectations set by STORM on all fronts – this team is going to bring us to a new level of competition that we haven’t experienced yet. The insane mechanical plays and freestyle that these 3 bring to the table for our team is exciting and gets my blood pumping.

So far, the team has been competing in Seasonal Shootout (Season 6) with a record of 6-4 as of today. There is one clip that I would like to share since my jaw dropped to the floor during the stream. It was in a match against team Assassin Nation and the shout casters absolutely lost their shit as well.

Outside of official matches, the team has been running scrims on a daily basis to try and get ready for the upcoming Indy Gaming League (IGL) season. Signed up to compete in US East 3v3 Spring Circuit with matches kicking off in April, the team has time to dial in the boosters for efficiency. See ya next month for a status update on all teams.

If you want to read about the team members, check out their bio’s on the official team page: