STORM Esports is an organization dedicated to the community by hosting events, managing amateur teams, and providing game servers.

With over 15 years in the competitive scene, STORM is pushing the boundaries between competitive and casual gamers.



Fusing his passion for Esports and Video Production, Rob brings forth 15 years of experience in both areas to become a design and editing powerhouse. Overseeing all asset direction and creation for the brand.

When he’s not behind the computer, you can find him brewing a fresh pour over coffee, in the garage wrenching on his drift spec Miata or behind the decks spinning some drum & bass.


Zahti / seantella

Bringing friends together for LAN parties and hosting online events has been Sean’s passion all the way back to N64, GameCube, and Xbox. Key events throughout the last decade with some peaking at 30+ attendees are Winter WonderLAN, potato.LAN, and STORM Sundays.

In addition to setting up, running, and coordinating events, Sean is in-charge of all dedicated game servers used at events as well as providing and maintaining CS:GO and Minecraft servers for all members of STORM.


Coop / bigKAT

Esports? Esports. Ever since Cooper was in high school, his life has been consumed by the single word. Starting from watching League of Legends Season 3 his passion has grown ever since. It doesn’t matter what game it is he’s either been involved in the game or has it on during the weekends. Being an owner of STORM and the head of esports he’s in charge of managing the rosters and stays up to date on the latest patch notes, games and strategies

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